About Us

CU Financial Management

At CU Financial Management, your future is our priority. We help you make simple and effective decisions so you can navigate this complex world with ease. Through our comprehensive wealth planning services, data-driven strategies, and personalized support, we aim to deliver the best financial solutions to suit your needs. Our team provides a full range of investment, tax, estate, and financial services to enhance your wealth in all aspects. Our seasoned counsellors have experience delivering strategic solutions for a wide array of clients, from high net worth individuals to mid-size institutions. Our professional team is well-equipped to tailor our strategies to all your specific needs.


For years, our dedicated team has been providing investment counsel, portfolio management and wealth planning services to to individuals and institutions in our community. Our staff will work with you to fully understand your goals, investment objectives, risk tolerance, investment time horizon, major life changes and tax considerations, among several other factors. Once we conduct a thorough review of your profile, we will craft a customized and comprehensive wealth management strategy that is perfect for you. Wealth should be simple, and we want to help you keep it that way. Together, we can redefine your future.

Atlantic Credit Unions

Credit unions are co-operative financial institutions, owned by the members. The Atlantic Provinces credit union system proudly provides a full range of products and services to its members throughout the region. Credit unions, rooted in the communities they serve, have been an integral part of community life and have contributed to Atlantic communities since their inception over 85 years ago. A credit union is more than a bank. As member-owned, co-operative financial institutions, not only do we offer expert financial advice and great products and services; we give back to our members and your communities.