I'm still young, do I need life insurance?

Why you should buy life insurance when you’re young

There are many advantages to purchasing life insurance while you’re young. It can save you money, protect you against health changes in the future and help cover your student debts. This infographic will help you understand more about these benefits.

To save money

As insurance is more reasonably priced when you are younger, you can lock in your costs now to save money over your lifetime.

To protect against health changes

As people age, they are more likely to develop health problems that could make them uninsurable.

Purchasing insurance when you are young and healthy gives you the best chance of getting coverage now and in the future.

To cover student debts

Most students convert their student loans to private lenders after graduation to take advantage of lower interest rates. Purchasing life insurance, where the proceeds are enough to cover your student debt, will protect your family and loved ones.

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