Should I look at my insurance after a divorce?

Reviewing your insurance after divorce

When spouses separate, it’s important to look at the entire financial picture including insurance policies. It is important to ensure that your insurance still meets your needs and that all your personal information is up to date. 

This infographic lays out some of the different types of insurance you should revisit if you are going through a divorce.

Life insurance

  • Consider getting a policy if you are a single parent
  • If your divorce agreement stipulates it, get life insurance
  • Update your beneficiaries — you may want to remove your former spouse

Health/​dental insurance

  • If you were covered by your spouse’s employer you may need your own health and dental plan
  • Check to see if your employer offers coverage
  • If you have children, decide whose health and dental insurance covers them best

Auto insurance

  • Inform your insurer of changes in who drives the car, how far they drive, how often you drive, where you life

Home insurance

  • If you move to a new home, make sure you obtain a new home or tenant’s insurance
  • Inform your insurer who is living in your home

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