Four things to keep in mind during a volatile market

When the markets are going through a volatile period, it can be nerve-wracking and it’s natural to feel the urge to sell your investments. However, time has shown that staying put and keeping a long-term perspective pays off.

Four things to keep in mind during a volatile market

No one can time the market

Even the most sophisticated investors will tell you that it is virtually impossible to accurately predict the market’s short-term moves. In reality, mistiming the market is more detrimental to investment returns.

Volatility is short-term

There have been many times throughout history where markets have declined but these relatively short periods are most often followed by favourable returns. 

Diversification is key

Making sure that you have created an asset allocation strategy that aligns with your risk tolerance is important and will help you confidently ride the wave.

Staying invested is essential

History has shown that the best strategy is time in the market instead of timing the market. Staying invested throughout all the ups and downs is your best path to success.

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