What factors can help me spot an investment scam?

With the increasing prevalence of investment scams, it’s more important than ever to stay informed and vigilant when it comes to your investments. This infographic that covers some red flags that may indicate a potential investment scam. Being aware of these signs can help you protect yourself from fraud and help you make more informed investment decisions.

How to spot an investment scam

  • They are guaranteeing high returns with low risk
  • You feel pressure to make a decision quickly
  • They approach you out of the blue
  • The details of the investment are sketchy and vague
  • They claim they have a hot tip” or you can get in on the ground floor”
  • The offer sounds too good to be true
  • The contact details on their website are only a mobile number or a PO box
  • The company is not registered with the provincial securities regulator

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