Do you have what it takes to take home the CU Financial Management Cup?

Identify opportunities. Make introductions. Collect points. Win prizes. 

This fall, branches will compete to earn points by making introductions for a chance to take home the CU Financial Management Cup. The person with the most introductions each week will bring home $300 and with each introduction made, your name will be entered to win the jackpot… a $1,000 Guusto gift card! The CU Financial Management Cup contest runs from October 3 to November 14.

Competing Leagues

The Financial Freedom Fighters


The Money Management Marvels


The Capital Growth Gurus


The Details

  • For every introduction that turns into a meeting, you earn 1 point and 1 entry to the grand prize ($1000 Gusto card).
  • When the meeting results in new business, you earn 4 points.
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  • The branch with the most points in each league will win the Cup, along with a framed certificate.
  • The Gold winners in each league will also win a special celebration party.
  • The Silver and Bronze winners will earn a framed certificate and a special treat.
  • $200 will be awarded weekly to the person who makes the most introductions across all three leagues.
  • $100 will be awarded weekly in a random draw — each introduction gets you an entry.
  • Various surprise and delights throughout.
  • $1,000 Guusto card.
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Enter to Win BIG!

Win a Guusto Gift Card Valued at $1,000

For every introduction you make, you will earn an entry for the jackpot. The more introductions, the more chances you have to win a $1,000 Amazon gift card. The random draw for the jackpot will take place during the closing ceremony call.


Have questions?

Please ask your branch manager for details or reach out to us at introductions@​cufm.​ca. We’re happy to help!