Rae Tench

Rae Tench

Regional Financial Planner

Rae has more than 30 years of experience in financial services, holding many senior managerial positions. He specializes in retirement, investment, insurance, specific financial goals and estate planning. He loves helping people achieve their financial goals. 

Outside of work, Rae’s hobbies range from being a stuntman on movie sets and flying as a private pilot, to playing basketball or hockey and playing recorded music for his family and friends’ enjoyment.

Based out of: Halifax Regional Municipality, NS

Causes: Rae is passionate about accessible and equitable employment services for all Nova Scotians and volunteers with TEAM Co-op/Ability Employers to build inclusive workplaces. He also works with landed immigrants from around the world to support their transition to life in Nova Scotia. 

Financial Planning Tip: Set realistic financial goals, prioritize them and have a written or digital plan to achieve them.